One day I was walking down the street and I noticed something different, something overlooked, and forgotten. There is litter everywhere in the streets on New York!

Chalk Circle Change is a social art project circling litter with sidewalk chalk to call attention to it, have people take notice, and maybe even pick it up. Circling what’s left behind leaves an impression that will make you think twice about your next move towards the trash can or recycling bin. All it takes is a piece of sidewalk chalk, drawing a simple circle, and some of your time to make a huge difference for the environment. Our goal is to circle as many pieces of litter with sidewalk chalk for social change. 



It was started in the Big Apple by a small circle of friends taking a game design class at the School of Visual Arts. They co-created a new game complete with a set of rules, a point system, and then got the local community to play. After chalking a couple of blocks with more then 20 people, the scores were tallied and a winner was crowned. The circles, however, still remained. People who witnessed the frantic gameplay wanted to learn more about what just happened and why. And some people had even picked up the litter that had been circled. 


Our reach in the first few months




I was hanging out with my friends at PlayLabInc and we asked ourselves, How can we reach a critical mass of people for this project. So we made a Kickstarter out of it, but this campaign was not about raising money. It was about raising 5,000 circles with sidewalk chalk around as many pieces of litter as possible. 

Grab some chalk, circle some litter, take a photo using #PLAYCCC. We created a week long project
starting on Earth Day and our goal was to raise 5,000 circles to make a statement that we all want to live
in a cleaner environment. 



With help from people all around the globe, we circled over 5,000 pieces of litter within one week. Please check out the images and stats at